A Taste of Heaven on Earth

My new book, entitled A Taste of Heaven on Earth: Harnessing the Energies of Love, was published in May 2020 by Wipf and Stock Publishers!

A Taste of Heaven on Earth explores the spiritual foundation of the nineteenth-century utopian Oneida Community founded by John Humphrey Noyes, whose members sought purity of heart in all thoughts, words, and activities. Following graduation from college with honors, Noyes studied at two theological seminaries, opening his heart to receive God. He discovered the Holy Spirit as our ever-present teacher, revealing the wisdom and experiences of Christ, and that the purpose of human life is preparing the heart to hear this Internal Teacher and implementing its teachings. Spend pleasant hours with many of the nearly three hundred members of Noyes’s communities, people of all personalities and proclivities—how they loved and learned, worked and played, prayed and made music, and lived together with openness and harmony. All were married to all in this unique community, showing that a happy marriage may exist between two hundred and fifty as well as two. They practiced enlightened sexuality, learned emotional intelligence and spiritual self-examination, thrived with variety in work, enjoyed lifelong learning, and nurtured all children as their own. Most of all, they practiced openness to God, the only source of lasting joy and contentment.

Endorsements & Reviews

As an anthropologist, I relished the first-hand reports of Oneida community members discussing the conduct of daily life, often with each other, which makes it less self-conscious and thus more believable. I feel I understand what it was like to organize the laundry, care for the children, meet for meals, conduct self-criticism sessions, and many other tasks. Carol White has made a unique contribution to understanding the Oneida movement.
— John Omohundro, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, State University of New York

Carol White takes a different and original tack. Her subject is the inspirational—as well as the intellectual—import of Noyes, and the spirit and heart of the Oneida Bible communists. . . . It is good history, good scholarship, and good Christianity made relevant to our times. . . . I strongly endorse Carol White’s book and urge its publication.
— Anthony Wonderley, Curator of Collections and Interpretation (retired), Oneida Community Mansion House; author of Oneida Utopia


Here is an article in the Rome Sentinel.

Peak Experiences: Danger, Death and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast
My new book, entitled Peak Experiences: Danger, Death and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast, was published in fall 2012 by the University Press of New England!

The book is an anthology of over fifty accounts highlighting hazards hiking in the high peaks of the Northeast United States, with commentary about best safety practices. These up-close-and-personal stories include heroic search and rescue operations, record-breaking treks, animal encounters, and challenges in extreme conditions including "poking the sleeping dragon"—where sometimes the ultimate price is paid—and other times one escapes more or less intact to tempt fate again. Seven sections include:

  • "Weatherwise or Otherwise? Tales above Treeline"
  • "Rescues in the Mountains"
  • "Another Treacherous Place in the Peaks"
  • "Dangers of Water in the Mountains"
  • "Animal and Avian Behavior"
  • "Journeys"
  • "Unprepared, Leader Lapses, Lost, Bushwhacked and More."

Adirondack Peak Experiences
APE_cover_front APE_cover_back Eighty-seven true tales of adventures and misadventures in New York State’s Adirondack Park written by more than seventy-five mountaineers, including some of the most experienced backpackers in the Northeast, many of them Adirondack Forty-Sixers and members of the Adirondack Mountain Club. Included are unforgettable climbs in extreme weather, mistakes made and hardships endured, encounters with bears and other wildlife, accidents and injuries, getting lost in the wilderness, rescues, inspirations, enchantments, and other memorable adventures that present the dangers, challenges and joys of all-season hiking and backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains.

For reviews and more information, visit the Adirondack Peak Experiences page on the Black Dome Press website.

Click here for the table of contents for Adirondack Peak Experiences.

Here are three reviews: Published in March 2009 by Black Dome Press, Inc.

Catskill Peak Experiences
More than 2,200 men and women have successfully completed their quest to conquer the 35 Catskill Mountain peaks over 3,500 feet to gain entrance into the Catskill 3500 Club. This is a collection of 101 of their most memorable "peak" experiences.

Click here for the table of contents for Catskill Peak Experiences.

For reviews and more information, visit the Catskill Peak Experiences page on the Black Dome Press website.

Here is an article in Kaatskill Life magazine about the book.

Here is an article on the web site for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation about the book.

Here is the Foreword to the book, written by Bill Rudge, Natural Resources Supervisor for New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in the Catskill Region.

Published in April 2008 by Black Dome Press, Inc.

Women with Altitude
Over 200 adventures written in chilling detail by thirty-three women who in solar winter reached the summits of all 46 Adirondack High Peaks. The Forty-Sixer story and winter hiking in the High Peaks are discussed. Biographies, accompanied by photos of each, give a fascinating glimpse into the lives of this rare breed.

Donna Jerdo of Moriah, Barb Harris and Judy King of Plattsburgh, Marta Bolton of Morrisonville, Connie Morrison of Jay, and Peggy MacKellar of Lake Placid are among the thirty-three women featured in Women With Altitude: Challenging the Adirondack High Peaks in Winter. The book offers an exciting new perspective on the Adirondack High Peaks through first-hand accounts of scaling the forty-six peaks over 4,000 feet in winter. Biographies of the women show why and how they pursue this challenging and rewarding sport. A brief history of winter hiking in the High Peaks and of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers Club is included.

Here is the Table of Contents.

For more info, read these reviews of the book or the full press release.

Published by North Country Books on November 28th, 2005.

Catskill Day Hikes
Catskill Day Hikes For All Seasons describes sixty hikes, treks, and rambles to the mountain summits, cascading falls, and dramatic rocky notches of this 700,000-acre park in southeastern New York State. Hike descriptions include practical advice, round-trip distances, difficulty ratings, summit elevations, and page maps. The authors have included a mix of easy, moderate, and difficult short and full-day treks along with information on regional attractions.

To learn more, visit the Catskill Day Hikes web site at its new location:

You can purchase the book on the web site.

Catskill Trails
Catskill Trails I am also editor of the Adirondack Mountain Club's Forest Preserve Series' volume 6, Catskill Trails, the comprehensive guide to all trails in the forest preserve.

To purchase or learn more, visit the Catskill Trails Guide page on the Adirondack Mountain Club's website.

Reviews [for the 3rd edition]

If you’re interested in hiking the Catskills, this pocket-sized book offers a lot for the space and money....This edition is a significant improvement over earlier versions for several reasons, not the least of which are the inclusion of more accurate trail distances, recently re-measured by surveying wheel, and greater details about the trails themselves.  At the beginning of each geographic section, there is a bulleted list offering a few suggested hikes characterized as Short, Moderate, and Harder....Without doubt, many copies of this little book are destined to be dog-eared, dirt-stained and permanently deployed in the backpacks of Catskill hikers.  What greater compliment can be paid to any trail guide?
-Brian Swinn, New York State Conservationist, June 2006

When I learned the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is republishing another book, an updated version of Catskill Trails: The Forest Preserve Series, and that my favorite Catskill hiking book authors are its new editors, I took a look. To master the massive task of editing the tome, the Whites were given a surveying wheel by the ADK with which to measure every trail in the Catskill Forest Preserve….In January 2003, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference incorporated the Whites’ measurements into their set of five maps of the Catskill Forest Preserve. For serious trekkers, the new Catskill Trails is the book to reference.
–Jennifer May, Catskill Mountain Region Guide, August 2005