Peak Experiences: Danger, Death and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast

My new book, entitled Peak Experiences: Danger, Death and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast, will be published in fall 2012 by the University Press of New England!

The book is an anthology of over fifty accounts highlighting hazards hiking in the high peaks of the Northeast United States, with commentary about best safety practices. These up-close-and-personal stories include heroic search and rescue operations, record-breaking treks, animal encounters, and challenges in extreme conditions including "poking the sleeping dragon"&—where sometimes the ultimate price is paid&—and other times one escapes more or less intact to tempt fate again. Seven sections include:

  • "Weatherwise or Otherwise? Tales above Treeline"
  • "Rescues in the Mountains"
  • "Another Treacherous Place in the Peaks"
  • "Dangers of Water in the Mountains"
  • "Animal and Avian Behavior"
  • "Journeys"
  • "Unprepared, Leader Lapses, Lost, Bushwhacked and More."

reviewing Erik Schlimmer's books
I am a reviewer of Erik Schlimmer's recent book, Blue Line to Blue Line: The Official Guide to the Trans Adirondack Route, and am currently reviewing his second work in progress, History Inside the Blue Line: Place Names of the Trans Adirondack Route.

Monthly column in Catskill Forest Preserve

We have written a monthly article since 2010 on hiking in the Catskill Forest Preserve for the Catskill Mountain Foundation, in their magazine Catskill Mountain Region Guide.

Adirondack and Catskill Clubs

I served on the Executive Committee of the Adirondack 46ers Club, an organization of those who have climbed the 46 Adirondack High Peaks over 4,000 feet, from 2003-07.

I'm Conservation Chairman of the Catskill 3500 Club, an organization of all who have climbed the 35 peaks in the Catskill forest preserve over 3,500 feet.

My husband, Dave, is a director of the Adirondack Mt. Club and Membership Chairman of the Catskill 3500 Club.

other mountain hiking clubs

We're members of the Four Thousand Footer Club of the White Mountains (New Hampshire), the New England 4,000-Footers club, and the 111ers of Northeastern USA. We completed winter climbs of the 48 peaks in New Hampshire over 4,000 feet on a gorgeous day, March 6th, 2006, on Bondcliff.

Central NY Astronomy Club

    I am secretary of the Central New York Astronomy Club.

fair trade handcrafts organizations
I sell fairly-traded handcrafts from SERRV and Ten Thousand Villages which sell merchandise created in third-world countries and gives fair returns to the merchants.

What fair trade does:
  • alleviates poverty by empowering low-income people to market their handcrafts and food products in a fair manner
  • provides developmental assistance through their community-based organizations
  • educates U.S. consumers about economic justice and other cultures.

Oneida Community book

My great-grandfather, John Humphrey Noyes, founded and guided the Oneida Community, a utopian, religious living experiment in the mid-nineteenth century. I'm writing a book about it.

Oneida Community Tours

I give tours of the Mansion House in Oneida, where the Oneida Community resided.